Good days and bad days

Considering it has been nearly two months since I updated here, now is as good of a time to catch up.

So-so day. As apprehensive I was to my daughter going out for homecoming, things didn’t turn out for her. First she learned her boyfriend, who is in eighth grade, couldn’t go to the dance. The day before, he went off during the football game, but wouldn’t say why. When it came time for the big date, where she would dress up, he didn’t. It eventually took some convincing, but she dumped him.

Good day. I was asked to shoot team photos of the kids at the local hockey association. My son skates with them as a squirt. I agreed. With the aid of a professional photographer friend, I should make some money on the whole deal.

Bad day.The furnace went out last week. That bill wound up being $400. Within two hours, if that, I was told that repairs to my truck would cost $660. The furnace is covered by insurance we have when we bought the house. Still, we have to pay before we are reimbursed.

Good day. Hooked up the old VCR along with our Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation 2. I found some old VHS tapes, including some old wrestling tapes. One was a Best of Raw and another was WCW Monday Nitro episodes from August 1998. Side note: damn did they talk too much on Nitro. One episode was the return of Warrior. That was a really long segment. And it was kind of boring.

Bad day. My son had a tooth pulled because there was an abscess and he was in a ton of pain. Problem is that the tooth had a filling put in less than two months ago. Better just gold plate the sucker for all the money invested.


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