Hiding Mike Henneman

We recently had a yard sale, something my wife and I have never done before as a couple let alone a family.

We had clothes, books and other odds and ends. Oh, my doubles of sports cards. Lots and lots of doubles.

And in the case of a 1988 Donruss Mike Henneman, something like 15 of them. I put a handful of commons, something like 25 in a Ziplock snack bag, and placed a Tigers player or some other star on them so they would hopefully sell.

I put two Hennemans on the outside of two of the packages. Then it became a game of hide Mike Henneman.

But, like much like other card collectors, the cards didn’t move. So I still have plenty of Dominink Hasek. I have lots of Bobby Higginson.

And there are somewhere between 15 and 20 1988 Donruss Mike Hennemans.

The yard sale itself was a success and we rewarded ourselves for the work we put in. We are looking forward to another yard sale, probably in a few years.

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