Egos and office politics

I have been meaning to get back to this, and now that I can’t sleep, what the hell.
I have again run into egos and the office politic that I really can’t stand. Maybe it’s the water that surrounds this peninsula that I am on or I didn’t notice it when we lived out of this state. At any rate, I get to look to navigate choppy waters again.
Here’s the rub: I write this at an early hour because I can’t sleep. I came home from work again wondering if I made the right decision in moving here. All this because of office politics and egos.
I keep thinking even in writing this so far, I need to be mindful of Big Brother reading.
This slice of the net is meant to be a way for me to sort through my thoughts, and I’m self-editing as I write. To get back on track…
This is not the first time I feel as though I have to tiptoe in an office setting (or in writing here). And it disgusts me. I really don’t like it.
Previously, in this area of conflict, I have reacted in different ways. The first time, I fought back. I didn’t check my own ego. I entered into the fray guns blazing. It proved to be a big mistake because when it came to the politics of the matter, I wasn’t in a position of power over my opponent. My opponent had the power to fire me.
The second time I put my head down and just did my best to cope with the dancing I had to do at work.
And here I am again. There is no sense in arguing and fighting for anything in this office politic with people’s egos involved. Fighting back is not the answer.
I don’t think being passive is the way to go either. Considering the responsibilities placed on me, I am going to have to make persuasive arguments, give well thought-out answers, and yet stay calm, cool and collected. I can’t let my ego come out.
Maybe that is the solution: keep the focus on the results of the work and brush aside people’s differences. If people are hurt or offended, it happens. It may not be good and grudges probably will develop, but a focus solely on results might be the key.
Starting to wear down. Hopefully I can get something figured soon.

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