Considering it has been nearly two months since I’ve had the time to even post, lots of topics to go over and sort out. So, here goes.

New house. We closed on the house and we’ve completed the move. That’s a major reason why I haven’t blogged in so long – packing and unpacking. A lot of the packing was done already, thanks in large part to having the storage unit with a lot of our belongings.

We completed the move itself the first week of July. We now have 14 days to clean up the rental and get it all set to turn the keys over to the landlord. I’m hoping that we can get all or most of our deposit returned that we paid. Actually, that money was borrowed, so it is something that we have to pay back to who I borrowed the money from.

New habits. With the new house, we are working to have our children learn or relearn some things that go with having our new home – namely, putting their belongings away and cleaning up after themselves the right way. Now that we have an actual dining room, and one that doesn’t have a TV visible, the table manners are being taught, too.

We’re simply working hard to make sure that once the kids are out of the house, and it’s not that far off, they’ll have a few more good lifelong skills.

New games and sports. My son is getting some of this hockey skills refined thanks to a clinic being conducted by a parent and a club hockey player at the local ice rink. It’s something that hopefully give him a jump when he moves up to squirts this coming winter.

We’re also working on getting travel baseball up and running in our community. It seemingly is taking a little bit longer time for us in our town than in Scottville, but it appears to be getting there here in Ludington.

And, in the time away, I’ve played four games for the Ludington Mariners, a vintage base ball team.

Like I’ve written before, I don’t want to delve too deep into sports, because I don’t want to pull away from my career at the newspaper.

New club and music. And since I’ve written, my daughter has played in two parades as a member of the high school marching band, followed by being active in 4-H. There’s lots of changes in her life, it appears to be for the better.

New responsibilities. Work has gotten to be more of a load. I’m not just the sports editor any longer. Now, because our newspaper is switching to a online content management system identical to my previous employer, I’m being given the keys to that, too. I’m told I won’t not only be in charge of training and showing my editorial brethren how to use our new website, I’ll have to work on perhaps ads or classifieds or circulation, should someone in the building have a question or a need and our main manager is unavailable.

I’m being called the “secret weapon” when it comes to using this new CMS. Now I need to make sure I don’t fire blanks.

Basically, so much for a restful summer.

One thought on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Wish you well in the new home and good luck with reinstating all those ‘nice to haves’ like table manners, the rubbish being cleared away and wet towels picked up off the bathroom floor. 🙂

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