Tattoos for the car

There was a point not too long ago that cars that I owned had bumper stickers or decals.

They showed pride in my college alma mater, or my favorite sports team, or whatever else.

Now that I have my new car, or a year old car to me anyway, I keep wondering if I should put anything in the windows. I’ve thought about putting something in, again, about my college alma mater, either something over the center window in the back or something on either side. It likely would be on the driver’s side.

My kids are getting older, and they’re starting to participate more in activities. One is in the high school marching band and 4-H. The other plays sports – baseball, hockey and he hopes football. So there are opportunities for decals there.

Having decals has several dimensions around it, too. I’d even go so far as say the same thing about vanity license plates and ones that go to specific causes, including your favorite sports team.

Part of me says I should put the decals up, get the new license plate someday, and show off that pride I have in myself – both the kids that I raise and the things I have done and am a fan off as well.

There’s another part of me, though. It’s the one that says I shouldn’t be so prideful. It tells me that one of the best ways to show pride in those things isn’t by exclaiming them to the world through a decal but by deed. I show pride in my kids by being there for them, encouraging them, cheering for them and telling them they did a good job with what they did. I can show pride in the kids through the ice cream we buy for them, or the sports cards that I create for them, or the pictures I take of them.

Sometimes, as I pass other cars on the road, it’s hard to believe all the decals they have on their car. I know they can see through them. But it looks cluttered. Too prideful. And sometimes, I look at the back of my car it feels as though something is missing.

I look at it at some degree and believe I shouldn’t be envious of others, too, with their nice cars with decals tastefully done. And I shouldn’t scoff or mock the cars that are littered with bumper stickers and decals.

Perhaps leaving well enough alone, with a common license plate is the best course to take. No need in tying much-needed cash into decals. That can go to ice cream instead.

Good-bye video. A quick note regarding the videos I posted to YouTube. They’re gone. I signed my daughter up for an email I could monitor on Gmail, and she did a significant amount of damage to the account that I don’t wish to get into specifically. I’ve cancelled my Google accounts all together – Google+, Gmail, YouTube – so that I can clean the system out. Perhaps in a year or so I will again work on some videos via YouTube. What had to do, though, was find a software (RealPlayer) that allowed me to edit the video I do shoot so that I can share it on other platforms, such as Facebook. Unless I upgrade, or go back to YouTube/Google, you won’t see many videos I shoot here. But I am working on them.

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