So much right, so much wrong


It is very hard to have it and to keep it. But considering everything life is throwing this way, it’s something I have to keep in mind.

I’ve described the house hunting previously. We have since found one we want, put a bid on it and now we’ve been shuffling reams of paperwork to a mortgage lender. Some of the paperwork should have been received already, some of it is described to us, but not in specific or layman’s terms so we can understand and address the issue.

We were supposed to close less than a month from now, in mid-May. We’ve had to ask for an addendum to make it mid-June because of what we need to provide in the way of paperwork and because as an item of our loan, some repairs will need to be done before we can buy it. And if the seller balks, we’re back on the market looking again.

Then there’s the cars. We still have to fix some things on my wife’s car, but we won’t be attempting to get them handled until we wipe out a debt we’ve accumulated because of repairs to that specific car. And, my truck has cost us some, from a bad bearing in the front wheel to replacing belts and pulleys that turned a job that was estimated at $80 and I budgeted $100 went to $150. We are trying to wipe out that car repair debt before more services are rendered.

And finally, our children. Our daughter has done something that’s horrific. It has forced me to clean up her mess and sent her mother into a worrying tailspin, thanks in part to her friends and acquaintances, that is difficult to pull her out of. As for our daughter, we’ve pulled all sorts of items away from her, pushing her to do things and say things (like “yes, sir”) that she isn’t used to. There’s a matter of her confession for what she’s done wrong, an unfortunate long list, and something that she’ll continue to get pressure to do from us as a family.

Throw work on top of the heap, the group I volunteer to work with and another group I’m volunteering with – oh, and coaching youth baseball – and things are hectic to say the least.

Better get in that nap.

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