Threading a needle

We have a deadline.
The lease on our rental is finished on Aug. 30. With that in mind we have looked at all sorts if different scenarios in respect to our housing situation.
We hoped we could buy, then I thought we wouldn’t be able to. Then we were prequalified. So house hunting we went.
We have settled on what we hope becomes our permanent home. I really don’t want to move again, but we will if it is God’s will.
We have encountered some kinks in this road. Our lack of experience in these matters have been detriment. But it feels as though things are getting better.
Isolated, that is. Because we have and will spend a to. Off eu in car repairs. We have spend roughly $1,600 in car repairs already and we owe another $700 in repairs.
These costs have been a major wrinkle in what we are trying to do with a home because it already took whatever income tax we received plus our savings we had.
We hope that things will be looking up by the end of the week. If anything I really hope things settle down this summer. The litanies of turmoil have been too much.

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