Lottery dreaming

Previously, I wrote of praying about the lottery.

I won – just the big ball. So, $7, a net gain of $3. It was a victory.

When it happened I laughed. Things have been tough as of late – car repairs, thoughts of not being able to buy a home, not being able to give my children the opportunities in baseball or hockey or 4-H or band.

So, given that we’re more than a day away, we put in our numbers and we sit back and go back to praying. Admittedly, it’s selfish. We would like to have a couple of cars to do things, but not anything super extra. We have two cars. Both are in and out of the shop now. We have started and stopped at being a two-car family all the way back to the time we moved back to Michigan, nearly two years ago.

First the Sunbird went down. Then we bought the SportTrac. Then the Aveo didn’t have plates because we didn’t officially own it and the title/plate needed to be changed. Then as we look to have the Aveo at least able to be driven, the SportTrac has an issue. That was the car issue.

Then we’ve got sports for our son. The area here still is void of travel baseball or tournament baseball. To make up for that loss, we will need to train on our own and go to camps. Camps are expensive.

Then there’s hockey for our son. Hockey is expensive. No need to explain further.

Our daughter is in the band. That means marching band next year (we think). And the fundraising. The uniform. The travel.

She also is going to be raising a goat. For 4-H. That’s not going to be easy. Or cheap.

We have clothes needs. We have a housing need, to a degree. That housing need is our lease on our rental runs out at the end of August. Do we buy (yes). Do we rent. Where. How much. Is it worth it. Are we getting bang for our buck. So much in that.

And we’re pulling every string we can just to get the mortgage set up.

Winning the big lottery jackpot obviously won’t solve every single issue. People with money have issues. Look at the athletes who come into big money contracts and then lose it all shortly after gaining it. Same for musicians.

Would we take care of us and our own? Sure. Scholarships for the kids and family. Help with housing not just for us but for our families, especially my dad who lives in a cabin. But paid off homes where they would only need to worry about taxes and insurance would help. A new car all around, too. Something reasonable.

But we’d give. Give to church. Give to alma mater. Give to my community, setting up a foundation even. Do works. Good works. Help those who may not have as much. Do it reasonably and rationally.

We don’t need all of that cash. But a jackpot win could go a long way.


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