Designing my own sports cards

I’ve warned my daughter about obsessing about things that don’t necessarily have to do with her schooling.

And here I am, not heeding my own advice.

For the past few days, I’ve scoured searches for custom baseball card designs, fonts, etc., to aid in designing cards. The card designs are meant to be used for my son more than anything else, but they could conceivably be used for me.

Let’s elaborate: My Trading offers cards in the stylings of Topps’ cards for their baseball product. You can use your own photos and your own stats and after giving the company some scratch, they’ll give you some cards. 2012-topps-baseball

We started out with his first year of T-Ball getting a baseball card from the photographer who shot his individual and team photo that year. The card was lackluster, and it looked more like a playing card than a baseball card. I thought I could do better.

So the search I went on allowed us to put together a baseball card that looks just like the real thing. That brought us to My Trading The cards look very similar to the current cards.

There are, though, significant changes. The Major League team logos are not available for use. Instead, the Topps logo is significant.

The backs of the cards, again allow for good customization, but not great. The backs do look similar to, but not exactly like the real thing.

For the first two or three years or so, the fonts could be customized close to the authentic cards for the year. Last year, it seems they strayed from that.

This is where my frustration grew again. And now, I’m looking at creating my own templates, my own card designs, front and back, for use for my son. And should I start playing vintage baseball, or base ball as it’s put, I’m putting together vintage styled cards that reflect close to a particular era.

I also encountered a new issue when my son decided that he wanted to play not just baseball, but hockey. We’re going to be working with, and I do like the level of customization allowed for their templates. I look forward to buying their product when I can fit it into my budget.

So, we’ll see how things shake out. Maybe this will be the start of doing my own cards.

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