A life in faith

Since before my children were born, I have attended a Catholic Church with my wife.

But, I am not Catholic. I’m Baptist.

I grew up believing certain things, including being saved and baptized and that The Lord washes away your sins. There are many things thanks to my upbringing in the pews and Sunday School whether it was in the South or here in the North.

When I began to attend the Catholic Church, I didn’t feel a connection at a Christian level. I was lost in the various rituals and the messages on Sunday didn’t inspire.

I was used to being called by the minister to action as a Christian. If I wasn’t saved, I felt the pull to be saved. If I wasn’t baptized, I felt the pull to be baptized. And when I was both, I was called to live my life as Christ and my faith prescribes.

Perhaps my thinking on the Catholic Church changed after a personal crisis of my own, and my family and I dedicated ourselves to attending church more.

We discuss the message of the reverend, too. But the recent emphasis by the Catholic Church on evangelism is a breath of fresh air. At times, I feel like I am back in the Baptist church again.

The lectures and sermons are different with less fire and brimstone but the basic call of action both in my heart and for me to add the call to those I interact with. If done well and with some creativity, the church can continue these calls that apply to young and old alike. Hopefully they don’t fall on deaf ears and hardened hearts.

I don’t see myself becoming a Catholic anytime soon. I believe I am following one of the commandments by not doing so, but for one of the few if only Protestants in the Catholic crowd, what I’m hearing feels a lot like what I’m accustomed to.

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