The evil media -or- lack of a challenge

I seem to be in the wrong business, so to speak. I’m a journalist (in case you missed the title). I’m also conservative. That runs counter to what most are told by the voices in the conservative radio and TV programs.

That’s posed challenges personally, but I’d rather take a look at the so-called “echo chambers.”

These “echo-chambers” are places where either all people on the right discuss issues with only people on the right and it gives you a nodding head in agreement for the entire expanse of debate. There is no debate in place with people of the other side, in this case the left, in a cordial way. Either the left flies into the echo chamber looking to stir up problems with accusatory language that inflames the entire segment or segments, or it’s constant agreement. And the converse is true.

Extrapolate this out further. Political pundits are coming up with all sorts of reasons why the president lost the most recent debate. I’ve yet to hear this reason: because the president has shied away from a challenge. The Fox News folks often cite the lack of visits with the president or the vice president. Rather, subordinates come on the air.

Meanwhile, the challengers in the race do face critical questions from all segments of the fourth estate. Perhaps “all” is too broad, but it appears as though the challengers are maybe just as likely to sit down with hosts and commentators of any network – NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox – where ever.

While the challengers have faced those tough questions, the president has tucked himself away with stump speeches, meeting the local media that perhaps isn’t as well-versed in what’s going on as the national press corps, or the softball interviews from morning zoos or celebrity programs. Fox News, if to be believed, along with some others, have noted that the president has not committed much time to a true press conference at the White House, either. Plus, throw in the protection of the gaffe-prone vice president from more Q-and-A’s and it’s easy to see problems.

Essentially, the president and his campaign need to get out and take tough questions from all segments of the media – whether it’s the left-leaning MSNBC or the right-leaning Fox News.

As for my personal views on who should be president, it’s pretty clear which way I lean. What I do want to see is less bickering and more cordial working together to achieve our country’s greatness day in and day out. Unfortunately, the screamers continue to get most of the attention – and that’s the case if it’s the national news media or the national sports media.

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