Public’s lack of understanding

I tweeted a link yesterday from the Poynter Institute regarding ad revenues for newspapers.

And I find it an odd coincidence that WTMJ had one its hosts discuss subscribing to the newspaper.

What is unfortunate is the public doesn’t understand that digital isn’t paying the bills the way traditional newspapers have generated revenue in the past. One caller to the program I was listening to said she picked up the newspaper in Appleton as a subscription before. She doesn’t ow because she used to get it for free online.

The host was gracious to point out that people of my ilk cost money – reporters. And using a pay service online is a way to get some of that lost revenue back.

In the discussion I was listening to, however, the statistic of the discrepancy of income gained from digital no where near make up for print losses. If more people knew this a previous exchange between the caller and the host would have been explained better.

A previous caller said she only gets The New York Times and loves a lot about it on Sundays. However she found the quality of writing in other papers to be of less quality. The answer here is that is of course is happening as papers have cut and cut editors and are now consolidating page design desks sometimes in far away states.

It is unfortunate that my industry has not adapted to the onslaught of the Internet both the company big shots and the guys like me who are way down the food chain.

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