Life’s little issues

It seems life always has a devastating Verlander curve ball to be tossed your way.

We seem to have come to a resolution on my new truck. It is a new truck to me as it is only 2004 rather than the 2002 that I had. It has some things my previous truck didn’t have, but the pain of going through this mess seemed to suck the wind out of our sails.

We believe we are getting the new truck like next Wednesday as the bank will likely not get its part done until Thursday morning. Patience is the key here and we will make sure we continue to have that.

That brings up another problem, though. It seems our daughter’s doctor is leaving the practice he is in. And what stinks is that we will need more medicine for her before an end of the month.

These are big things and they seem to keep dragging my family and I down. I know I must have faith that the Lord is looking out for us and to depend on Him for guidance and resolve and patience

But it get hard to wait.


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