Ode to my truck

Four months, 13 days. That’s how long my “new” truck lasted.

Four months, 13 days.

The time stamp on the photos my wife shot of my then new truck was March 13. I bought it from a RV and car dealership in DeWitt. A 2002 Ford Explorer SportTrac. I believed I needed a four-door truck for my family, a truck to send us along to on family vacations and four-wheel drive for Michigan winters when the roads aren’t plowed in a timely manner.

So, for spring and just part of summer, it was used to head to the beach. I had some of the tubing for the transmission replaced and it served me well in going to a state basketball tournament and to some other spring sports. It was our vehicle of use for our vacation that we just completed on Saturday. It stowed our camping equipment and it was going to be our truck of use for tubing down some of the rivers in the area. Baseball equipment found a home in the bed.

It seemed things were coming together until Thursday.

I was involved in a chain reaction accident that involved three other cars. Here in Michigan, many roads are five lanes – two in each direction and a center lane. And this happened.

I was rear-ended. The body shop it was taken to believes the frame is bent. My “new” truck is in the hands of the insurance company. Until then, my family and I are down to one car – well at least until Wednesday morning.

That’s when the Wisconsin plate on my wife’s car will expire. So, we are facing the very good possibility of going from two cars to no cars in less than a week. My family and I were prepared for the loss of my wife’s car come Wednesday, but not the loss of my truck. We’re staring in the face cab rides and bicycle rides to work because of two things – someone not paying attention to the road ahead and someone failing to do what was asked of them months ago.

And to clarify, the Wisconsin plate is not in my wife’s or my name. We can’t fix that issue. It’s up to one of our family members to clear up that mess.

So, time to start making sure my bike’s tires are inflated, I carry some extra soap and deodorant for the ride and we have cash available for cab rides for my wife. That’s all because we’re going from two cars to none.

As for the ode? Well, driving the silver SportTrac was a blast. I hope I can get into a similar car as soon as possible.

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