The so-called big spender

So much for new horizons.

With a new job in a new place, we were looking to perhaps take a vacation or a small trip.

That will not happen, though, as we have to pay for a bunch of stuff.

There are car repairs for the money pit that is my wife’s car and my new truck, all of one payment old, sprung a pretty drastic transmission line. There’s no telling the amount of financial toll those things will take.

But there’s more. Our daughter lost her glasses and we don’t have vision insurance. So there’s a new eye exam, new lenses, new frames.

Then there is youth baseball camps for my son. And those grow more important as other communities started playing baseball while we don’t even know who or what his team is made of.

We were hoping that this summer would be one of maybe a few small trips and saving for a home. Now, there is no saving. Just more check to check living and some prayers that this time next year a real home will be near.

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