No sports from the local sports reporter?

I took a look back at the original premise of this blog, that it would discuss in a vague way faith, family and life but also Michigan sports.

Then I realized something in the past few months – I really cannot writing about sports happenings, news or trends right now because my employer is based in Michigan. And it would be in direct conflict with the Ludington Daily News, something ethically or with good conscience I can do.

Because I’ve been back in Michigan for a little more than seven months, I don’t feel comfortable with writing about sports in an opinion format just yet. I don’t know the local athletes and schools as well as I would like before I opine.

Are there times when I felt like I could (or what others may believe should)? Yes. I can think of one or two times in the fall during the prep football season that I absolutely knew would be well written and be well defined. I can think of a couple of times when an analysis piece may have been absolutely acceptable during the winter months, especially during the basketball season.

I chose not to because I didn’t feel as though I could offer any insight from a historical perspective from folks here. My perspective was that of previous places I’ve lived and covered prep sports – Michigan’s Thumb and northwestern Wisconsin. People here don’t care about those places or people. They care about what’s here and their communities and families and friends.

So, I refrained.

That also means refraining some general thoughts on some of my favorite teams here in Michigan and Detroit-based teams. I refuse to write about state, regional or national sports issues – unless there is a clear local application – just to establish a voice or an opinion. As much as three days from now is an important date in Detroit Tigers history, I’ll refrain here and elsewhere. I’ll not discuss college athletics with the way one particular Big Ten institution’s fans act (or react). I won’t get into any hopes for the Lions, dismay with the Pistons, frustration over national pundits over how the game of hockey is played, and more.

These are rambling thoughts from a local sports reporter. Just not about sports.

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