Dabbling here, dabbling there

Delicious. Klout. Spotify. Google+. WordPress. Foursquare.
It seems the lists and lists of social media tools that are out there is limitless.
And since the move, trying to stay on top of the trends on social media seems to be a multiple-front battle that continues to grow.
Case in point. I joined Facebook roughly two years ago. Twitter roughly a year and a half ago. WordPress, Klout and most-recently Google+ all got going within the last year. What does it all mean? Is it worth it?
The first question seems impossible to answer, but the second one is where the gold is.
And it doesn’t help that historically I’ve been a loner, not the life of the party, content to sit away from the action, not get noticed, do what I need to do and move on with my life.
So, as seen above, there’s links to my Twitter feed (and at the right), to Facebook, to YouTube and so on. But nothing yet about Klout and nothing yet about Google+, but it’s coming (as soon as I figure out to get this thing to accept my HTML coding I get from these places for applets).
I like Klout. I’ve checked on it from time to time. The scores are meaningless to me, but what isn’t so meaningless is the reach and scope I have on others. Those measurables are what you need in the journalism industry. It helps to answer the questions of “Who is my audience?” and “Am I serving their needs?”
Based on my Klout score, yes.
Google+ is basically another Facebook or Twitter to manage, but as of yet I haven’t built many circles of acquaintances on there, nor have I quite figured out how to +1 myself to the various industry stuff I need to keep an eye on.
For the past few years, I’ve worked to get myself near the edge of the evolving landscape of social media, trying to make sure I can implement it into my daily routine, as well as making sure I don’t get left behind in the evolution of journalism.
My involvement with the Internet began in the 1990s, including creating my own crude HTML pages through the classic neighborhoods of Geocities. It’s what aided me to get a Yahoo! username that is uniquely mine that no other Bossick will attain.
I broke away from maintaining my own site, thinking it vain, but then I returned to the social media frenzy as I realized that I can either be a reporter that fails to adapt to the changes and not have a job OR I can adapt with the times.
That’s why I’m on LinkedIn. That’s why I chose to go with Foursquare.
And all of those other social media things that are out there. Well, except for Myspace. That’s outdated.
Staying on top of the trends for a family man that is in the laudromat, typing away on a netbook, can be problematic. I realize I need a smartphone now more than ever, just so I can keep up with the trends – albeit one or two years later than when it’s brand new.
Maybe that’s another reason why I’ve stayed away from the blog and onto doing some other things around the house.

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