Ten years of coverage – Part I

Not too many weeks ago, I tweeted that it was 10 years of professional prep sports reporting on my end.
But, I haven’t really gone in-depth with some of that information, and as I wait these final six minutes of laundry in the drier, I won’t go in-depth yet.
It is a recognition that I have made it 10 years and I’ve done a lot of growing in that time.
I’ve told people who I work with here, at my third professional stop, that I realized I could reach as high as I could reach in Caro and I had to get out. It didn’t help that there some things going on with the company that really devastated me and my family, crippling us financially, or what happened to several good friends I had there in the company, either.
But that’s the past, something that finished more than five years ago now, and I really got the push I needed when I went to Wisconsin. It was there, at a daily, that I got the tutelage that I needed and I received it all the way through the last day I spent there.
So, perhaps in future blog postings, with the winter sports season at a standstill until after the Christmas holidays, I will recount some of my favorite times, sights, sounds, games, people and life in general at all three of my spots.
The first of those two entries will likely be long – considering it was all but three months of my professional sports reporting.
Maybe one question needs to be answered before launching down that historical road though – how did I end up a sports reporter in the first place?
I began working some sports as an intern at the Arenac County Independent in the summer of 1999. At the time, I recognized I needed outside-of-CM LIFE experience and I got it there. Covering the state championship game between my high school alma mater and Sturgis, Mich., was a blast.
I did sports part-time from there on, whether it was for LIFE or for the Advertiser as I was needed.
In November 2001, the editor left her position, the sports editor took hers and he asked me to move up. I was reluctant at first, but agreed to do so.
Now, the table has been set. Time for 10 years of sports madness.

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