In search of. . . a hobby

It’s been nearly the conclusion of three months since the big transition from Wisconsin to Michigan. That transition includes a trimming of hours down to 45 a week, not 60- or 70-plus hours.

And that means finding a hobby.

What are my hobbies? My hobby was my work.

It still is. I write recreationally, here, in the blog. I’m looking to shoot pictures, recreationally, here and posted through Flickr. Yes, that’s three images thus far, but as the temperatures make a turn back or I have spare time, I’ll get out into the public areas and do some photographing, I hope. I can do some design stuff on the Photoshop program I have, but nothing too extravagant. And the video I shoot I can continue to process on YouTube.

So, those are some ways I can continue to make a hobby of work.

What else?

I can go back to reading – reading books once I get a library card here, reading the newspaper I put together with my colleagues, reading magazines. That reading needs to be away from the computer, though. I don’t want to sit behind a computer screen all the time. Which also means my attention to Facebook games or video games is waning.

When there was a break between fall and winter sports, pro wrestling picked up again (see my previous post), but I won’t be able to watch the primetime programming. I read up on it on one of the wrestling coverage sites I read years ago that’s still up and running, but it’s not the same. Will say that many of the storylines on the WWE aren’t as compelling as the so-called Attitude Era or the Monday Night Wars. The Impact Wrestling or TNA or whatever it’s called now isn’t that bad. One major criticism – don’t cut to commercial during the damn match. And make those matches actually worth watching. I just don’t see anything that makes me say, “Wow!” all that much.

But that’s more butt-on-the-couch time.

I collected baseball cards, as referenced earlier, but that costs money. And extra money goes to my children and their pursuits right now – from band to baseball.

That leaves me to biking and basketball and hiking and anything else that’s outdoors and, well, free. So, maybe it’s reading in the winter, outdoors in the spring, summer and fall.

5 thoughts on “In search of. . . a hobby

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