On to the playoffs

It’s playoff football time again.

And it’s a whole new experience that’s about to unfold.

The backstory: This is the first year since 2005 that I’m covering a Michigan high school in the playoffs thanks to five years in Wisconsin. A look at the activity I’ve had on Twitter in the past few weeks can show that.

So, things have been flying on Twitter (and you can watch it unfold to the left). That’s also led to more reading up on how things are going with the playoffs, hence the changes to the listing of my reading list on Delicious.com (at right).

My personal playoff history has its roots in the Thumb and it was easy to go for one or two rounds because those games weren’t more than a half hour or even an hour away. Things got a little dicier when we got to the regional finals, but really not so much. Many of those regional finals were hosted by the schools I covered. The longest drive we had at that level was up to Cheboygan when Caro played Menominee.

Even in Wisconsin, the first round proved to be a pretty easy trip on a Tuesday night, at least for me. It was the home game.

This year is totally different. I may be flying or driving or riding or  – who knows? – going in a boat to Escanaba from our port town of Ludington. All for a football game.

I personally am nervous to a degree, based on a potential flight. I’ve flown dozens of times before, but on a commercial liner. The smallest plane I flew was a twin turbo-prop from Greenville-Spartanburg, S.C. to Atlanta, Ga. I’m told the plane I could be flying in carries 5 passengers. Not 20.

All of this being said, it should make for a fun blog post later this week.

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