Getting out

A 10th anniversary is a a momentous milestone and my wife and I got there.

And it gave us a chance to get out and see the area, somewhat.

Our anniversary was a week ago today. I did some of the typical stuff – brought home flowers, new vase, card – and then we got something to eat at the House of Flavors here in Ludington. No, it was not our dinner. It was a quick breakfast. We then cruised on out to the state park and we walked around some.

We walked up the beach and toward the mouth of the Big Sable River. I forgot we couldn’t walk all the way up to the Big Sable Lighthouse, but we stayed on the bridge and watched the salmon swim in the shade of the span. And there were many of them. Many, many of them. They were large, at least 3 feet long in most cases. Too bad we didn’t have a hook.

We took a picture together on the lakeshore, with the state park’s beach house in the background.

Then it was back to House of Flavors for desert.

We had to return home for our kids, but we had one more thing to do: dinner. We had perhaps our best dinner together at PM Steamers, across the street from the city’s marina just off of Lake Michigan in the harbor. It was nice. We watched a ship head out from port and we watched the SS Badger return from Manitowoc, Wis.

We spent some time over the weekend together alone, driving up M-22 all the way up to Crystal Lake and then turning back. But it was well worth it. I think Thursday was probably the most fun we’ve had together in a long time.

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