Making changes

I get the Ludington Daily News as a subscription to my home every day. Today, I opened it up and I was pretty impressed with my work.

I’ve gotten a few “atta boys” from my colleagues so far, I believe for having some good design techniques and for hitting deadline. I came in today just about 5 minutes after deadline. I got a late jump from the start and a few items I needed weren’t quite ready when I was when it came to laying out the pages. All in all, though, it seems it’s been a good effort.

But I still find myself a wanting a bit more. As I stated previously, I’m limited to 45 hours a week. This week, I spent two hours on Sunday; five hours on Monday (up to seven); nine hours on Tuesday (up to 16); and four and a half so far today (that’s 20 1/2). I still figure I have a few hours left for tonight I have and there’s still Thursday and Friday left. Friday is a long day, so it seems, as last week I worked 6-12 and then again from 6-12 for 12 hours. If I go 12 hours again on Friday, that’s 32 1/2 plus a couple hours tonight gives me 34 1/2. That leaves 10 1/2 hours for Thursday. You figure 5 hours in the morning and 3 1/2 at night.

OK. So, that’s a savings of two hours.

At the same time, in going through last year’s clippings, my predecessor didn’t get out much and it makes sense. It’s hard to be consistent on features. I’d like to do features but it’s all contingent upon the schedule. I’ve been warned more than once that once winter hits, it’s something every night. More than once.

But I’m a free spirit, at least I would like to think so. I don’t like to feel constrained.

Maybe after this week, and next, I’ll get into a groove with the workload and begin to flex my wings, get out, and do some writing.

Getting out is my final part of apprehension. Today, I think I cam pretty close to nailing my pages. My B1 was about how I want it, minus the use of more headshots or logos to help draw in the reader. I’m a big furniture guy when it comes to page design, and I’m adding more and more furniture to my pages.

As for the inside, I need more work. I came up short in space in two places and one was particularly hideous: B3 where I put in a small brief on top of a jump. That can’t happen again. It may mean clipping more of a story or stories to make it all work. Let’s hope so. Tomorrow is a new day, so we’ll get it done.

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