Best of. . . my Chippewa Herald photos

I went through the litany of galleries that are on the Chippewa Herald’s website and came up with this gallery of images.

Certainly, some sports are under-represented here, such as track or cross country. I couldn’t find a lot of color in the cross country ones — I love fall colors with my cross country — and the track photos are your typical track photos of people hurdling, jumping, running. Went for some emotion and there’s a weight on more recent shots. Photos from 2006 aren’t available, as the images only go back to the fall of 2007.

The images from 2007 through about March of 2010 have the Chippewa Valley Newspapers watermark. For reprints, be sure to go to The Chippewa Herald.

Other than that, it’s a pretty neat gallery of images that numbers somewhere around 40. Enjoy.

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