Becoming a fan again?

With the fewer hours, it means more time to become a fan.

Case in point: I was able to watch of the Central Michigan-Western Michigan game, as awful as that was, and some of the Michigan-Eastern Michigan game because of the Chippewas not showing up, for a rivalry game no less. There was some Detroit Tigers baseball, too, as they faced the Oakland A’s.

Today, it was Detroit Lions football and now some Detroit Tigers again.

But, I don’t get as worked up anymore – save for Michigan football as evidenced by the big Michigan-Notre Dame game – as I did when I was a kid. It was entertaining to watch my son get super pissed at CMU at their more than lackluster performance.

If anything, maybe in my sparetime the passion for sports and not so much the analysis of sports will come through. But I have my doubts.


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