Sweet home, Ludington

It’s nearing the end of the first month of our return to Michigan. There’s been some good and some bad and hardly any ugly.

The home transition appears to be the smoothest, all things considering. We are renting a small mobile home in a mobile home park for the next two years halfway between Scottville and Ludington. It’s tucked away off of U.S. 10/31. The kids appear to have made some good friends at school. My daughter, who quit wanting to play basketball after her fifth grade year is showing interest in the sport again. My son continues to show interest in the sports he enjoys, baseball included.

We continue to go through some boxes here and there, too. There’s some things that we absolutely need and there’s some things that we don’t. We’re paying for the home we rent and a storage unit. It’s about $15 less a month than what we were paying for a very nice townhouse in Chippewa Falls. We’ll be using the two-year lease we signed to save for and hopefully get into a rent-to-own home here in Ludington. That’s the goal anyway.

The work transition is going very smoothly. The writing is easy. Roundups are roundups. Game stories are game stories. The real concern was getting a handle on the page design. I’m changing from not only QuarkXPress to Adobe’s InDesign, but it’s also from a PC to an Apple. The first day was a little rough, but the second day was better and Friday morning was excellent. We came in well before deadline for the sports pages. I had to even wait for some of my co-workers to send me some things, so it was a very good day. I have yet to work a Friday night deadline on the design, but it shouldn’t be that difficult.

The difficult part, though, will be getting a bunch of things done in 45 hours or less. The key will be using the first two weeks or so to get the flow of the work. Once that happens, game on. Spare time will be spent doing something like, well, this:

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