And I’m back

With a blog that was written as regularly as this was back in June and July, with gripes and raves, it seems odd to return to this space. In lieu of more gripes and more raves, I’m restarting this blog in a completely different fashion.



My wife and I decided long ago when we cut the cable and went to Netflix that we would watch the classic series from the 1990s, “Twin Peaks.” I was 13 years old or so when the series finished its run in 1991 according to Internet Movie Data Base and all I could recall of the craze was that it was a craze and I never saw it.

That was until this summer when my wife and I used the little time off we had together to watch the series.

She could believe it was just two seasons and I found myself running to Wikipedia and IMDB to read up on how and why the series lasted as little as did. Looking at the guest stars, and just how the series unfolded, I thought it was funny when David Duchovny showed up. Or the evolution of Truman and Rosenfield’s interactions from contempt to a warm hug between the two men. The show really went into the paranormal, something I personally believed helped to launch Duchovny into the X-Files. That conclusion was likely brought about many more before me. Heather Graham was in the show, as was Billy Zane. The show had its stars.

A show like Twin Peaks could very well be made today, perhaps as some cable franchise getting going. It would be intriguing to see a continuation of the series today as well, although we’re just 5 years short of the 25-year promise made to Cooper in what turned out to be the show’s final episode.

I also realize Twin Peaks had its film, what amounts to a prologue and an epilogue to the show itself. That’s something that can easily scrapped with a new series, just ask anyone who is a fan of comic book movies and watches for continuity from 1989’s Batman to the most recent Dark Knight flicks.

Our Twin Peaks run might well be over, but maybe the creators of the series will step forward someday and kick the series back up again. Perhaps in cable or on premium TV, but it’s something that very well could get a green light should the writing and cast be right.


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