Another chapter closing

It wasn’t that long ago I was lamenting several things:

  • Every time I move in my life, I close the door as if it’s a chapter and a new one begins;
  • I’m less than thrilled about losing my page design responsibilities;
  • I’m even less thrilled about the prospect of not having a football preview to put together;

So, an answer to all of those: I’m taking a new job back in Michigan. Ludington, Mich.

In a little more than a month, we’ll be hitching my car back to the back of a truck, loading up and heading out overnight – again – but in the opposite direction. It’s the same job, except I won’t be taking photos. It’s a smaller community, and I’ll be replacing a 41-year veteran of the same newspaper.

I know I won’t be able to repeat that run, but I’d like to think I can give it a shot.

I get to retain my news design responsibilities. I get back football preview, and in plural, which is even better (actually, they’re fall sports, but I’ll take it). It’s more money. My wife works closer to home, too.

We’ve got a lot to do before the end of August, when we’re making this move. But I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the transition and it began by going through some of the things we’ve had in storage for some time. I’ve managed to get four open boxes for things we really want to take back with us to Michigan. There will be some things that won’t make the trek and they will be donated to charities here in Wisconsin. We already submitted a bunch of old clothes to Goodwill in Eau Claire and I don’t know where we’ll take the next donation.

Basically, it’s time for us to get rid of what we’re going to get rid off ahead of the move.

For all of the whining I’ve done, I’m sure glad the Lord is looking out.


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