This is a vacation?

I am supposed to be on vacation.
I haven’t really relaxed since we got to Michigan last Sunday.
Starting off, we didn’t leave our little hamlet until night because I had to fulfill a shift putting out pages at work.
We were able to drive through Chicago with no issues.
There were donuts in Kalamazoo with my brother followed by a family reunion near Lansing followed by bingo in Pinconning. That was Sunday.
Golf was on Monday at Ubly Heights with more friends followed by desert in Bay City. I even shot my second lifetime birdie.
Tuesday was all-day in Detroit including pitching to my son at Tiger Stadium and playing softball with union workers at two of the casinos. We ultimately saw the Tigers beat the A’s. And we went to Tunnel BBQ in Windsor.
Wednesday we visited with my Dad in Harrison before spending overnight in Ludington.
Thursday was a good and bad day. Great day in Ludington followed by bad news here in Saginaw. It is affecting what is coming next.
I don’t know what today and Saturday holds but we will see.

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