And then. . . vacation

Seeing as how it’s been six days since my diatribe about our publisher leaving, a lot and at the same time not much has happened. The breakdown:

Get ready young man. I’m preparing for the 2011 Football Preview, similar to what I have in the past. I’m going through a lot of the special sections I’ve accumulated through the years, looking at how I can take some of the things I’ve done, and others, and integrate into something. Exactly what that something is, I haven’t the foggiest.

A lot of what we’ve done in the past I want to continue, but package it in a totally different manner. That’s going to take some coordination with some folks I haven’t worked closely with in the past. But, we’re going to have to work through this together. We haven’t a choice. The critical thing is that I feel as though I need to be a leader, pushing at least the Herald sports department in not just a new direction, but a bold one. Do it not just with some shiny new buttons, but great substance.

What that exactly will be is yet to be determined.

Summer training. I’ve been working on some online training through News University. I did miserable at the Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More. What hurt me was missed punctuation, some rewriting I did that was too much, etc. Absolutely sucked. It’s something I’m going to need to revisit as I make the transition to writer/photographer/Internet lackey.

I’ve moved on from that to Leading an Online Newsroom. After two lessons, it looks like my corporate overlords have incorporated nearly everything discussed on NewsU into our plans.

That’s not a bad thing.

The bad thing is changing the routines and the rationale of the veteran newsmen in our newsroom (or in other places for that matter). It won’t be easy. And I’ve got a suspicion that perhaps more will fall on my shoulders in the coming months and years, should Chippewa Falls be my final destination for my career. It’s worked out for the past five years, but who knows what changes are coming for us in this business, this industry and this tiny hamlet where I live, work and play.

What’s fun got to do with it? So, I’ve been home and it’s been OK. I find it hard not to work. Hell, I’m writing here, right? I’ve been reading, but it’s to improve my work – my writing, mostly. The photography will come, the ideas for graphics and the such will come. The presentation is out of my hands, but I can have a heavy hand through graphical work.

So what has been fun? I cracked open a couple of packs of baseball cards today – Topps 2011 Series 2 and 2011 Gypsy Queen. Tomorrow, I’ll expand on my thoughts on baseball cards and collecting. It’s something I enjoy and will get me off the subject of work.

Oh, and I’ve been playing lots of Facebook games through Zynga. And I guess I’ll discuss that segment of my life, at another time.

Final notes. Had an interesting discussion with a Fin today. Using my conservative thinking, I basically said people weren’t appreciating what she was doing for them, they had an expectation that she provide something for free after she worked for it for them. I advised she cut them off and let them make their own way. It’s cruel, but they’re at least 13, at least they should be, if they’re on Facebook, and they’re not babies. Grow up.

And, I need to expound on my various chapters of my life – how each has closed like a book, not like chapters in a book. Why? Well, it’ll be my first return to mid-Michigan since the hardest parts of my life – and that area’s involvement – since last year.


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