Yet another trip to state

For the sixth consecutive year, I will be attending the state high school softball tournament here in Wisconsin.

When it comes to planning and scheduling out the school year, there’s two trips that seemingly are musts anymore: state track and state softball.

Last weekend, I was at the state track meet in La Crosse. It was hot, temperatures soaring into the 90s and feeling more like 100 and more. For two days I baked under the son with the wonderful reflection of alumninum bleachers, the heat rising off of the field turf field at UW-La Crosse.

Now, I have a weekend – at least Thursday and Friday and maybe Saturday – to look forward to in Madison. Thursday morning, there’s the state softball tournament for Chippewa Falls, then I have a night followed by a morning with McDonell softball. Maybe Chi-Hi will last until Friday night. Maybe both teams will make it to Saturday’s championship games.

When I came to Chippewa Falls more than five years ago, I looked at just how competitive the teams are that are here. I was wowed by all of the state football runs by the outlying schools. But that didn’t tell the tale of just how good of athlete there is in a variety of sports. I’ve been to state volleyball three times, state baseball twice and state football once.

And all of these trips to Madison for state softball. I was able to take my family to state track, a time for them to see what it is I do in two days of state track. It’s an endurance race there. State softball can be slightly more fun.

If anything, it’s a way for me to hopefully have some fun. And begin to figure out exactly how I’m going to tackle the new issues I have before me. This business is changing in ways I never knew would. It will continue to evolve, as everything else has. We’ll see where it takes me and my family.

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