My ever-changing world

Had a bombshell dropped on me Wednesday, and I seem to be taking it well – at least for right now.

My employer decided that we’re better off without having a football preview special section this year. After 25 consecutive years, the previous five of my reign as sports editor, they’re pulling the plug. The thing made money, I’m told, but there were other expenses that contributed to its downfall.

It’s unfortunate, really. I worked hard the past five years to get the football preview away from a straight preview and make it a guide for the entire season. The goal was to make the reader pick it up not just the day they got it, but the continue to use it throughout the season. People would use the advertisements for places to dine before games, places to get gas or advertisers could wish the players that work for them good luck.

Directions to fields, schedules for all of the teams in the conferences we cover and at least capsules on each of those teams was included. Then there was the preview stories themselves, slotted with schedules so people could clip them out and fill in the scores of the games as the year moved along.

All of that is gone, at least in that particular packaging.

My goal is to push this online as best as I can. Hopefully, it’ll be interactive so people can stay on that page, but click through tabs and the like to get the information they want.

At least, that’s what I hope what happens. We’ll see.

If anything, we’re brainstorming how we do what’s expected of us, but do it in a completely different way.

RIP Chippewa Herald football preview 1986-2010


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