The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It’s amazing what a week can do in terms of a working life. Here’s what I mean:

The Good. Within the last week it seemed we have everything covered we needed to at my newspaper. Almost. One school’s baseball team failed to report its statistics to us, but that happens from time to time. At state track, we got photos of nearly everyone, missed a few, but we made sure we got at least everyone’s name in the newspaper. Under the cooker that was Veterans Memorial Field in La Crosse, I counted up seven stories, five blogs, two galleries with 29 photos and just under 40 tweets. Busy doesn’t begin to describe what it was like.

We even had everything set up for a feature on Monday and local photos for today’s newspaper. We’ve been predominantly local for the better part of a month. I think there might have been one day where we didn’t have local dominant art. Maybe two. It’s been a very good run.

The Bad. The hardest part of my job is the toll it takes it on me and my family. Don’t take this as whining. It’s the straight facts. Gas prices shooting up have hurt our ability to go out and see teams. The weather didn’t help us, either. Car repairs have taken their toll. Plus, there’s the amount of time I’ve spent away from my wife and kids. We had a very bad go of it this time last year, and I’ve tried to ensure that what happened a year ago doesn’t happen this year. However, when I’m pouring in 12-15 hour days, several days a week, doing right by my family becomes tough.

The Ugly. Yesterday, we asked if one of the people who submits stats for one of our schools to send us updates through the game so we can send them along. We were abruptly told no, that we seemed to do more with the schools in the city than the county. Basically, all of that time we’ve spent in the past wasn’t good enough. That’s world’s worst feeling, especially considering the source. My colleague at work was right when he said no one likes to be told they’re not good enough. He’s right. It doesn’t take away the pain. And it doesn’t keep you from questioning whether or not you should be so passionate about what you do.

That’s probably my fault. I am extremely passionate about the things I do in life. I care deeply and try to do right by many. Sometimes we hit it out of the park. Sometimes we don’t.

It’s times like these where I feel as though I don’t want to show my passion through columns or blogs for teams or kids because of someone telling me I’m not good enough. I pull it back, focus on the job ahead, continue to do the best I can and let the cards fall where they may.

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