My days with wrestling

Wrestling has entered in my life again, thanks to NetFlix.

Over the last several days, I’ve watched a bunch of WWE produced documentaries. There’s a bunch of them I’ve gone through, and we’ve pretty much seen all of them. It makes me miss what we’ve seen.

I grew up in the glow of Wrestlemania III. Why not? I grew up just a handful of miles, at the time, from the doorsteps of the Pontiac Silverdome. I was a fan of Hogan, Steamboat and a whole bunch of them.


I backed away from the WWF and got back in during the Monday Night Wars. It was a blast as all of us college kids were getting into it. I started off big into the WCW, the height of that being the Nitro when the nWo literally took over a whole episode. That seemed to be the pinnacle. The storyline hit its highest point, and the silliness of Rodman and Malone was enough, for me, to kill it.

I turned to the WWF as Austin and The Rock caught fire.

And I bought in hook, line and sinker. We bought pay-per-views, mostly WWF, and some ECW – before its demise. I went to live shows such as Wrold War 3 at the Palace and Survivor Series at The Joe. There were countless Nitros and Raws, including a scene I was just reminded when Austin crashed the Zamboni into the ring at The Joe.

I also still have shirts from the WWF and WCW, and several music CDs.

The height was interviewing Mick Foley for my college newspaper, Central Michigan LIFE.

The interest, though, waned greatly after WWE bought WCW. The Monday Night Wars were over and so was my interest. Let’s face it, there wasn’t anyone or anything to keep my interest.

My son is showing interest, so maybe it’s time to once again to get interested. Then again, without cable, it’ll be hard to get him excited like I have.

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