The past repeating itself

The other night on Twitter, I expressed two quick thoughts: I feel trapped and it is largely because I have no money. No one does.

And I followed that with. . .

I’m convinced that’s true, but in a digital way. I’ve ordered so much – Christmas gifts, clothes, other items – online that it seems like going to the mall doesn’t make sense. With gas prices around $4 a gallon, that’s evident. What stinks, though, as I have this feeling in my blood that I need to get out, see this world. I don’t mean get out and see the great vast expanse that is this globe, but in my general area, here in Wisconsin. With the cost of just living so high, it’s extremely hard to get outside of town.

Part of me tells myself I should be happy and content with my town, with very small region that includes a city the size of Eau Claire, Wis. Chippewa Falls isn’t a tiny town, either. There are things to do, some places to go, if you choose not to turn a cold shoulder to them all.

Look again to the backyard, I tell myself. At the same time, think of this – many of the festivals and the like charge people to attend. The cries of children about wanting this or that is what comes up all the time. It gets hard, as a parent, to say no and no and no again.

That said, these are the lessons that our grandparents learned through the Great Depression. As much as certain members of society try to tell us we’re not in a recession any more, they’re fools.

Our economy is humming at its greatest heights when energy is readily available for everyone to move about our country. Because energy is so high in this country, it makes it extremely difficult to move goods and services across the country.

At the same time, we’re all paying even more inflated prices, thanks to rises in minimum wages. But that’s a topic for yet another day.

UPDATE: I’ve tried some video editing on my home computer with no avail. I’ll give YouTube a whirl, but if I don’t like it, it will be time to bite the bullet and buy software for the iPod Touch to edit video. It might be the cheapest way to go.

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