Why start again? Reason No. 45

I went to school to be a writer. And thus, this is why I blog, here, personally.

It is that simple and it’s not that simple. My career has brought me several responsibilities, becoming essentially a publishing clearinghouse all in one person. I can write. I shoot photos. I design newspaper pages. And, I’m working to do more online.

The reason why I write this entry, though, comes on the heels of what occurred yesterday. I went to Borders (thus the check-in through Foursquare on my Twitter account) and went looking for the new AP Stylebook. It’s essentially one of the top tools for a news writer. I didn’t find it, but got one of the other big books in journalism: Struck and White’s “The Elements of Style.”

I’m extremely busy for work and may begin tackling the tome this weekend, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. While I work on my writing, refining and rediscovering the passion I once had for the craft, I also got something for the kids they’ve learned to enjoy.

Mad Libs

I have Mad Libs on my iPod Touch and my son especially enjoys putting in words for the blanks. Both children are learning more and more about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and more English. So, while we were out at Borders, we found good ol’ paper Mad Libs and lots of them for $1 each. In all, we bought nine of them. We’ll see how much they’ll enjoy these while we’re out driving around.

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