That’s settled then

I believe I’ve settled on a blogging site and it is this one.

Someone suggested I use WordPress and someone suggested I use Tumblr. I’ve used Blogspot/Blogger and I wasn’t really thrilled with the layout options. I tried Tumblr, but that’s something I wasn’t overly joyed with either.

That leaves here, but I may or may not stay with this particular layout.

I want something that will direct readers to my blog on my newspaper’s site, run by the corporate overlords. It’s all local sports for The Chippewa Herald, and some stuff on the Brewers, Twins, Packers, whatever. It’s not stuff that I grew up a fan of, but it’s what the readers want.

I also wanted something that imported my twitter account. Everyone else seems to be tracking it – corporate, some prep sports site, whatever. Why couldn’t I?

Linking to my various social media outlets was the way to go, too. Flickr, my Facebook account, a potential YouTube channel. It all makes sense.

The backbreaker for Tumblr was the links. I really didn’t want linked stories to show up as a blog post. I wanted it off to the side, a library of here’s what I read recently. I can create links in posts if I want. I don’t need to have a link be a post all of the time. Thus, the Reading List.

The layout and exact design of this blog will change, no doubt, as I look to customize things to my liking. But it seems WordPress is where I’m staying – for now.

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