RIP Macho Man

Spent the last two days watching old school Randy “The Macho Man” Savage videos on YouTube. It opened up my son’s eyes to what I’ve seen when I was watching when I was his age. We just recently got NetFlix for at home (see previous post) and tried looking for some classic Macho Man matches.

But, we didn’t find anything available. We were able to watch Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat’s life story. It replayed parts of the Macho Man vs. Dragon match. My son really enjoyed his matches and the crazy interviews he did. So, it appears there’s more wrestling to be watched in my homestead.

Watching the clips of Macho Man, it brought me back to when I first started wrestling on Saturday mornings. It was reruns of the clashes that were some of the best of the old-school WWF. It brought me back to Hulk Hogan, Dragon, Macho Man, Honky Tonk Man, Jimmy Hart, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Now, just to show him some of the crazy stuff from after that, from WCW’s heyday, and perhaps even now. But we’ll see.

UPDATE: Obviously, The Rapture did not happen for me or my family. It is kind of sad in a way and kind of happy, too. I was asked to work on Saturday and one of my colleagues asked if I was nervous, and I replied, “No, I’m not.” I should have said I’m excited. I should have witnessed to her. Add that on to the experience I had at church today, I know I must strive to be a better Christian.

The experience I had been by far the best at a Catholic church. I was seeking a time when we’d get a sermon that called out, that related the stories to of Christ to know, that put the perspective I’ve known as a Baptist. I really felt like there was a Baptist minister there. It really seemed like the tumblers that perhaps separated my wife from me when it comes to faith. If the day comes that I choose to convert, it was a day like that day that helped to open my eyes. I still need to talk with our church’s deacon. But I also wouldn’t mind meeting up with visiting father from today.

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