The no TV experiment

We lost our cable shortly after Mother’s Day this year, and we’re looking over the alternatives.

Because we rent, I had to check with the landlord to be able to put up a dish. The short answer: no. The dish is deemed to be trashy, so it’s either the cable, or whatever we can figure out.

We’ve watched a lot of DVDs of movies we have, and because we have a Wii and Wi-Fi in our home, we can watch things on the TV through the console. Figuring out exactly what we can see on the console, though, is proving to be a fun trick.

Hulu is out, and so are a bunch of other networks. The Wii doesn’t support Adobe Flash, at least that I can figure out, so that’s limited us to YouTube, for the moment. I’ve yet to explore other video services, such as Viveo.

We are looking into getting NetFlix, which makes sense because of the various platforms we do have – Wii, computers, iPod Touch. Plus, we do have a DVD player so it’s not like we can’t get DVDs in the mail like the service provided in the past.

But in the interim, we get to look for clips on YouTube, or maybe even full movies, like Rad.


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