Is Saturday the day?

There’s been a ton of discussion this week about The Rapture, the time when God will take the Christians to heaven where we will remain until the end of Armageddon. From there, we’ll be in the new Kingdom.

There seems to be a lot of resonance with this discussion, thanks to the ads. Considering Jack Van Impe and his wife have preached end times for years and years, it’s interesting to see the discussion to take place.

As a Christian, I do believe in the The Rapture. But I won’t claim to know when it will take place. So, I can’t affirm or deny that Saturday will be The Rapture. I’ve always been taught that it can happen at any time. It’s the Lord’s reminder to us do as he says, live our lives as we should according to his plan.

As this week has progressed, in hearing about The Rapture, is the amount of ridicule there is for Christians. We’re being persecuted, in a way, and in the same ways that Muslims are being persecuted. Let’s face it, if people subscribe to a certain faith, I’d like to think we have more respect for them and their faith.

It’s hard not to ridicule what you don’t understand.

So, how do I look at The Rapture? I’m excited. I hope I am called to heaven with my loved ones. If Saturday is not the day then I’ve got two options – await my death and await for The Rapture. Whatever the case, whenever the case, I pray that I’m called.

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