Why start again? Here’s reason No. 358

Revelers march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown St. Paul, March 17, 2011. This was shot with my iPod Touch, something I have to get used to if I want to stay up to speed in the changing world of journalism. (David Bossick)

There’s no denying we’re in the midst of a major change in the consumption of information – from the real printed word to having screens of all shapes and sizes delivering text, images, video and audio.

I’ve long said that because of my age – early 30s – I have no choice but to adapt if I want to remain in the publishing business. No, I may not be a publisher, but I am a content provider. I’m one of those trained sources of refined writers who can dabble a bit in the world of photography, illustration and art.

I absolutely love newspaper design, if you haven’t figured it out by my Flickr feed. So, the challenge ahead of me is becoming more than comfortable with photo editing with free software like Gimp and more than adequate on whatever video editing software there is out there. Ditto for audio.

So, let the adventures in digital journalism begin.


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